Highland Has “A Ball” With Cinderella Production


Eliott Coda

Ian Andersen performs as the Prince in Cinderalla.

Janie Lambert, Staff Writer

For the past year and a half, the world has been on pause, and that includes school. But now that students can start getting back into normal life, the show must go on. For Highland’s theater students, that literally is the case.

After not being able to perform the traditional musical a year ago, Highland is back with Cinderella. This has been in the making since the beginning of the year and it is finally time. The magical story of Cinderella is being brought to life on Dec. 2.

The drama teacher and director of the play, Sarah Ragey, was hired last year. However, because of the unique circumstances of last year, she was never able to put on a full musical at Highland.

“I am very excited to be able to direct this play,” Ragey said. “I have absolutely loved every moment of it.”

The whole cast and crew have put their heart and soul into this play, and it has shown. The costumes have been custom made for each character and the sets are made with incredible and beautiful detail. The music played by the orchestra and band is amazing and the singing perfectly encapsulates the story.

“I have worked so hard all summer and this first chunk of the school year to make sure this play is perfect” Ragey said.

The play is a perfect story of Cinderella. But there was much more than just memorizing lines. In Act l, the dancers worked hard to practice waltzing for the ball to make the scene as authentic as possible.

Eleanor Scoville was chosen to play Cinderella. Her voice is light and sweet just like “Ella’s” would be.

Ian Andersen was chosen to play the Prince. His voice is projected very well when singing and saying his lines. He moves across the stage gracefully but still strong. These actors are truly perfect for their roles.

Highland has outdone themselves with this musical. Students can experience the show on Dec.2, 3,4, and 6 at 7:00 pm in the Highland auditorium.