Highland Establishes the Collett Commons


Eliott Coda

Dean Collett is embraced by a friend during the dedication.

Claire Sophie Malinka-Thompson, Staff Writer

Introducing: the Collett Commons! Dean Collett has had a part in the Highland High School community since the school was built, so it made sense to name the commons after him. He has been a supporting figure in the lives of so many students and faculty and always has a way to make people smile.  

The event started with principal Jeremy Chatterton honoring and thanking Collett. Collett followed by saying “no speeches,” which truly demonstrates his humble quality. The event continued with people from all walks of life crowding to get in line to talk to and take a picture with Collett.  

Highland’s famous “H” doughnuts and chocolate eclairs, Collett’s two favorite snacks, were served to honor him. He also gave a See’s butterscotch sucker to every person who stopped by to see him.  

“He’s had a huge influence on thousands of kids. He was my cheerleader advisor, and he was awesome. He even came to my husband’s 60th birthday!” Sandy Jones, and Highland alumna from the class of 1972 said.  

Collett not only influences people when they are students at Highland, but also continues to support them throughout their life after they graduate. The multitude of people present at the naming of the Commons only proves that.  

“He comes over for dinner every other Sunday. When I was a student, he was like a father to me, since mine passed away,” Steve Whipple from the class of 1969 said. “He truly was an inspiration.” 

The students at Highland owe a lot to Collett, because he has changed the lives of so many. He even helped students socially! 

“Dean helped get me and my husband together while we were at school. We still see him socially,” Kit Young from the class of 1962 said. “It is common knowledge that Dean has never missed a Highland game, and my husband is like his football uber driver.” 

The naming of the Collett Commons is a momentous event for the school, the students and Collett. It is only fitting that he is remembered by name in the school, since he will be remembered in the hearts of every student who has walked through the Highland High School doors.