Clawson Solves The Highschool Experience


Lydia Hawes

Those who apply for the math Sterling Scholar are incredibly talented mathematically, so Thomas Clawson had to figure out what could set him apart from his classmates.

To get the final solution he was looking for, he had several different variables added together to help him get the honorable award.

“I think just finding extracurriculars that I enjoyed and specific parts of math that I enjoyed was fun but challenging,” Clawson said.

Adding more and more into his schedule was positive for Clawson, but it subtracted time from his day.

While focusing on math, Clawson spread himself throughout different groups and teams. He played for the tennis team, photographed for the Rambler, and spent time volunteering with NHS.

He even found time to be Highland’s student relations officer.

Being awarded the Sterling Scholar has helped Clawson in receiving a full-ride scholarship to the University of Utah, which he’ll be attending in the fall.

The sterling scholar award highlights students and emphasizes their accomplishments, making scholars wanted by colleges all over.

Besides mathematics, Clawson has found all types of passions.

He spends the majority of his free time outdoors.

Marti Clawson, Thomas’ mother, has taken note of how Clawson takes up his days.

“He likes to spend his time skiing, hiking and reading,” Marti said.

What he does outside, though, depends on the weather and the season.

In the winter, you can find Clawson skiing down Snowbird’s steepest slopes.

“I would go take a ski trip in the Alps [if I had a million dollars],” Clawson said.

In the warmer seasons, however, Clawson spends time hiking. Some of his favorite hikes include Cecret Lake up on Alta’s ski resort, and Gloria Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Any place with lakes or waterfalls in Utah, Clawson has probably already hiked it.

He’s done slot canyons down in Southern Utah, like Peekaboo and Spooky, as well as several arch hikes.

While outside, Clawson is taking pictures. Nature plus photography sums up to a happy Clawson. He loves to document the places he’s been and the things he’s done, as well as the people he’s with.

“I love to do photography and specifically film photography, it’s really fun,” Clawson said.

Clawson has even learned to develop his own film, saving him the time and money that it would take to do at Walmart or other photo shops. Sometimes, he takes on other people’s films and develops them far quicker and cheaper than they could at a business.

Following high school, Clawson will go to the U. He hopes to start the medical program offered there. He’s got lots of people rooting for him and believing in him to find success with whatever he pursues.

“Thomas is incredibly self-driven,” Marti said. “When he sets a goal, he works with little to no help from us (Clawson’s parents) at all.”

Like almost every other teenager, Clawson is nervous, but extremely excited, for what college will offer him and his future.

“I am not 100% sure [what my future will look like] but I can definitely see math being involved in my future,” Clawson said. “I want to go into medicine, and I know that’s not super math intensive, but I think there’s aspects of it that are.”

Clawson’s got the perfect equation set up for his future, with plenty of positives.