Justham Is Singing His Way Through Life

Janie Lambert, Staff Writer

Sarah Ragey, the theater teacher, put on her first big play at Highland this year, Cinderella. She was stressed out at the thought that it wouldn’t go according to plan, but her cast and crew made it easier. Especially Colin Justham.

“I was nervous about this year putting on Cinderella and not having the right people for it,” Ragey said. “But Justham came back for his callback and blew me away.”

She is just the latest to be wowed by Justham’s talents.

Singing is something that everyone can do, but not everyone can do it well. Justham is someone who can. So good in fact he was honored as being the Sterling Scholar for the “vocal performance” category.

Justham has been singing for a while, but more recently got into musical theater.

“I’ve been singing pretty much all my life, being LDS,” Justham said. “But I got into musical theater when I was about 12.”

He also joined choir when he got to high school. This sparked his true passion for singing and theater and a part of what inspired him to apply for sterling scholar.

“I decided to apply because I thought it would look good on a resume or a college application,” Justham said. “And I thought might be qualified enough to get it.”

He felt like doing this his whole life, he would be qualified enough and be able to get the opportunity to be a Sterling Scholar. He knew that it would be a great experience.

Justham isn’t just a great singer, but a phenomenal actor and being able to sing with his acting makes for the perfect addition to Highland’s theater program.

He is also incredibly creative with his work in performing. In the parts that he plays, he does the opposite of what Ragey expects him to do.

“I’ll have a vision in my mind of the character, and he’ll do it completely different than that,” Ragey said. “But every time he does, I just think how much better it is than my vision.”

Along with his incredible acting, Ragey had much to say on his singing and ability to work and pick up a song very fast.

“For a review we are doing, I sent out the music to everyone in it and told them to learn it, and Justham picked up the harmonies so quick and absolutely slayed,” Ragey said.

Ragey is incredibly impressed with his talent and how devoted he is to his work.

But singing isn’t Justham’s whole life. He also enjoys being outdoors and especially biking. When he was younger, he won the Biking Merit Badge when he was a boy scout.

“I did a few 25-mile rides and a 50-mile bike ride on the Jordan river trail,” Justham said.

He also enjoys his woodworking class at school.

“I’m incredibly proud of Justham and his hard work singing and acting,” Ragey said. “And I’m excited to see what he does with his future.”