Rain Or Shine, The Lady Rams Give It Their All


Claire Sophie Malinka-Thompson

The Highland Girls’ Lacrosse team gets hyped up before their match.

Claire Sophie Malinka-Thompson, Social Coordinator, Editor

The girls’ lacrosse match against Logan High School sure had a slippery start. Of course, the team was steady, however the conditions were not as much. About a half an hour before the—what seemed to be a simple—match, the weather decided to take a turn. The pouring rain seemed jarring, especially because of the combination of water and slick turf.  

Either way, the girls’ lacrosse team was there to dominate, so that is what they did.  

Starting off the game with a quick start, Highland scored goal after goal. In fact, it seemed that the whole game would take place on the offensive side of the field for Highland. Within the first 15 minutes of the game, Highland was up 6-0 and would not let the Logan Grizzlies come up for air.  

But most inspiring is that the team spirit on the field and sidelines was at an all-time high. Despite the gloomy weather, each player was there to uplift their teammates.  

“In this [game], so many girls who haven’t scored before keep scoring, so the momentum just keeps on building,” Grace Szwedko, number 9 for the Highland lacrosse team said.  

All of the momentum that was built, however, came to a quick halt when the game was put on hold because of lightning. 30 minutes into their stellar playing, when the score read 12-0 the team trooped off the field to avoid the rain and lightning.  

“We’ve had to cancel three games, so we haven’t been playing as many games as we hoped, but we’re getting them in again,” Ali Natale, a senior on the team said.  

Unfortunately, the weather has been quite taxing on spring sports, and lacrosse is no different.  

Finally, by 6:30 p.m. the lightning warning was cleared, and the game resumed at 6:40 p.m. By the end, the Highland Rams won 16-1, leaving Logan out to dry in the rain.  

Starting this Friday (April 28th) the girls’ lacrosse team will take part in regional games, which are the most important ones that they have played this season. Their first opponent: Skyline. While this will be a tougher game for the ladies, the team feels quite confident about their odds.