Rigby Sings Her Way to Success


Maisie Stevens, Staff Writer

Naomi Rigby has long had music in her life. Developing from violin to singing, she has a gift for it.  

This is why she is this year’s “vocal performance” Sterling Scholar.  

Singing is something Rigby is very passionate about. She competes in competitions like NATS (the National Association of Teachers Singing) and Federation, she is also a part of Highlands Madrigals and even teaches lessons to younger kids just learning to sing.  

Singing has always been a part of Rigby’s life. But before it was singing it was the violin and piano. She played the violin for nine years but that wasn’t something she loved.  

“I would have to [convince] her to practice,” Amy Rigby, Rigby’s mom said. “So she would practice, crying, and then she would go down to her room and sing her heart out to console herself.”  

This made her mom realize that singing is what Rigby should be doing.  

That is when she got a teacher and began to take lessons. Her teachers helped her develop her classical skills, expand her range, and get her involved in competitions. And in 2022 she won 3rd overall and was selected to go on to the next round but Covid did not allow her to move on with that.  

Choir takes up a lot of Rigby’s time, as she practices every day, devoting her time to practicing songs and developing her abilities, while also working around her other extra curriculars.  

“Practice normally takes about an hour each day, but it depends on what I’m working on,” Rigby said. “Just going over the songs and remembering rhythms and tempos and memorization.”  

Rhythm and tempo are very important elements for being able to sing well and because Rigby has a background with playing an instrument, she is extra in-tune to the music and the song she is trying to sing.  

“Having nine years of a different musical background has really helped me with musicallity and tone,” Rigby said. “Violin really helped me develop a really good ear so I can hear the tone, so I guess I had a jump start.” 

Another big reason Rigby has succeeded in music and singing is that she has her own personal drive to succeed.  

“She works really hard at what she does,” Amy said. “And even though she doesn’t like a lot of attention for it, she really deserves it.”  

While singing is a big thing Rigby does, she also dances and plays tennis in the summers. She has danced since she was two years old.  

And although she was a star in the Hillside plays, she decided not to partake in the theater program at Highland. With all her other activities, it just didn’t fit with her schedule.  

Rigby isn’t sure on what she wants to do in the future after high school but she knows she wants to peruse singing in some way. 

“Whether its taking lessons, or becoming a vocal major, or going into theater even, I know there’s something I want to do but I’m not quite sure,” Rigby said.  

And whatever Rigby decides to do in her future, her mom knows that she will succeed. 

“She works really hard, and she makes the world around her beautiful,” Amy said. “She just makes everything around her lovely and so even if I don’t know exactly what it is she’s going to do, I know it’s going to be lovely.”