Hits, Highlights, And Growth For This Softball Season

Laynee Hall, News Editor

Hits and highlights were the theme of the 2023 season for the Highland Softball team this year. 

Following a run of two landslide games against Brighton (16-9) and East (21-9), the team this year experienced growth both on and off the pitch in more ways than one. 

“We’re a really good hitting team this year.” Highland junior and softball right fielder Adrianna Morgan Pace said. “As a team, all of the players have really cleaned up their throws and hits for games.” 

The team this season reports having 89 hits and 383 base appearances, the highest in both categories the program has seen since the spring season of 2017.  

Alongside finding a newfound rhythm during games, this season has offered up the best stats for the program since 2015. Overall, with a win percentage of 0.21%, this season has proved encouraging for the future of the program as a whole. 

Even though the season wasn’t full of wins, it was full of success and growth for the team. 

Highlighting the Brighton game Highland played early on in the season, the team’s newfound offensive growth paid off as this victory marked the program’s first region win in four years and helped this season boast its highest batting average since 2019 (0.298).  

“I am so proud of our softball team.” Highland Principal Jeremy Chatterton said. “They beat Brighton at Brighton and swept East twice.” 

Last year the Highland Administration alongside the Highland Foundation both helped to finance new equipment for the team, spending around 6000 dollars to ensure the program had an opportunity for success.  

“We spent a lot of money last year just getting them [the softball team] the supplies they needed to have a successful season.” Chatterton said. “I think it has also been good for the program to have some consistency with coaching and allowing our athletes developmental time and training.” 

Based on this season’s growth, the team and Highland administration are excited for the future of the program and seasons to come. 

“This year we had a lot more confidence as a team and as a whole.” Morgan-Mace said. “I think we’ve gotten better at our communication and I think we’ll have an even better season next year.”