Next Year’s New SBO President John Pearce

Naomi Parnell, Staff Writer

Planning and decorating for school dances, themes for spirit week, leading and organizing school assemblies, leading the black hole. Highland’s Student Body Officers, or SBOs for short, put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make Highland a better place. They are the ones who make Highland the family and community that it is. SBOs bring students together as one.  

Next year, Highland junior John Pearce will step up as Highland’s new SBO president. The president is the leader of the group, and a friendly face many recognize. They strive to make highland a more welcoming place. They, and the rest of the SBOs, have power to connect Highland and make it a better place than when they came.  

 “I want to just see how I can help the school and help the students at the school.” Said Pearce. “I want to be a friend to as many people as I can, make Highland a place people want to be.”  

High school can be rough sometimes, but in the end, it’s the other students that make people want to come to school. Highland’s SBOs are friends to all and make Highland somewhere people can enjoy being.  

“I know it’s going to be a lot of work but it’s going to be super fun.” Said Pearce. “And [it will] give me a leadership opportunity and I just want more experience in that.”  

Next year, Pearce hopes to build unity among students and make Highland a place where all are accepted, especially Highland’s growing population of refugees. School spirit is important and the SBOs are the ones who excite that spirit in students.  

SBOs have a lot of influence in the Highland community where they celebrate Highland culture and make it someplace students are comfortable.  

Joined by Pearce next year will be Spencer Hawes as vice president and Lydia Hawes as secretary. The SBOs are an important group of students within Highland that make the school the welcoming and spirited place that it is.