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Why High School Relationships Matter


High school relationships have a reputation for being tumultuous and short lived. Usually the muse of teen dramas and cheesy romance books, described by parents as trivial and a waste of time. In short, not really taken seriously. However, I believe we should change that.
Going into highschool I was extremely inexperienced in the realm of romantic interactions. It seemed to me that everyone around me had a middle school or freshman relationship, I felt behind. Like I had missed that one day in math where we learn everything we need to know about the test and never end up catching up with your classmates. As a result, I felt the pressure to keep up.

I’ve noticed this to be a common occurrence, even in that of older students, teens jump from relationship to relationship seeking that perfect “highschool sweethearts” and “#goals” status. As a result, adolescents feel compelled to emulate the relationships of their peers, to keep up with this competitive environment. Fostering a culture where the quantity of relationships overshadows their quality. The name of this phenomenon is relationship hopping.
I believe the root of why highschool relationships are not taken seriously is due to this phenomenon.

However, the blame for this is not entirely on that of teenagers. Parental attitudes hold substantial sway over a teenager’s perception of relationships.

When parents dismiss high school relationships as trivial or insignificant, it can create a narrative that diminishes the importance of these experiences. Teens, seeking validation and guidance from their parents, internalize these viewpoints, leading them to devalue their own relationships and regard them as fleeting or inconsequential.

Moreover, when not only parental figures downplay the significance of high school relationships but our society as well, teenagers adopt a similar mindset, viewing their own romantic involvements as temporary and unworthy of serious consideration.

So, now understanding the state of high school relationships, we must understand why it’s imperative that we change it.

First, highschool relationships build the foundation of future romantic interactions. For many teens, high school is the first palace they experience what a real relationship may look. This phase in life marks their initial encounter with the complexities of intimacy, emotional attachment, and communication within a romantic context. These relationships, despite their often-transient nature, lay the groundwork for future romantic engagements. This is why it’s so important that we change our perception of them.

They offer invaluable lessons in navigating complex emotions, resolving conflicts, and comprehending individual preferences. Moreover, high school relationships contribute significantly to personal growth and self-discovery. These early romantic involvements provide a platform for adolescents to explore their values, boundaries, and desires within relationships.
Understanding what they seek in a partner can also enable teenagers to make more informed choices in their future romantic endeavors. By recognizing the importance of these experiences, we acknowledge the role they play in shaping an individual’s understanding of love, respect, and compatibility. Which are vital aspects of emotional intelligence.

Addressing the root causes of our perception of high school relationships, such as societal pressures and unrealistic ideals, is essential to foster a culture that values genuine emotional connections. Encouraging self-reflection, emotional maturity, and the cultivation of healthy relationships based on respect for the relationship itself, can empower adolescents to navigate relationships with sincerity and depth, ultimately shaping more meaningful romantic interactions for the rest of their lives.

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