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Dance Company Leaves Its Legacy With ‘Aura’

Billie Martinez
Grace Brown and Stella May perform in Aura
Spencer Baese

As the final days of the school year approach, so does the end of sports and clubs at school, and this past week Highland’s Dance Company put on their spring concert to finish off the year.

The concert consisted of 23 different dance numbers all including stories and different feelings and attitudes or “Auras” that people have. The dances all represented something that humans go through and think about on a daily basis.

“We chose Aura as the name because it is so versatile,” Vice President Claire Raybould said. “Everyone has their own Aura and we wanted to represent that in the concert.”

A lot of work also goes into these shows. Raybould is in charge of fundraising for the company and getting costumes. It was a lengthy process for the whole group with choreographing and teaching the dances. The presidency works hard to clean up and learn the dances with the other girls.

The dances have also been in the works for the entire school year.

“I spent a lot of time working with the girls and making sure they had everything down,” Secretary Mary Lambert said. “Putting in the work to make sure everything is perfect is really important.”

Throughout the show, “Aura” was shown through slower dances, upbeat dances, and very emotional dances. All of these were ways to show different feelings and thoughts coming from people and how they act.

Raybould and Lambert felt that this dance was the perfect one to finish off their time as part of the Highland Dance Company. The number of dances, the quality of dances, and the versatility of the dances. With so many dances it was hard for them to pick a favorite.

“My favorite one was bad religions,” Lambert said. “It was one of those dances that was just so satisfying to do.”

“Bad Religions” is a dance that shows a negative Aura about Religion, as opposed to a lot of the dances like “Got it” which was Raybould’s favorite dance. It is an upbeat very peppy dance about being confident and being someone who shines.

As the seniors this year leave, they are helping the next class of Highland Dance Company and making sure they are set to take care of it and have enough funds and audience to carry on the legacy next year.

“I’ve already planned a fundraiser for next year and helped the Juniors with planning auditions and classes,” Raybould said. “I am excited to see how it goes when we leave.”

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