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Introducing Anthony Lords, Highland’s new SBO president

Claire Archibald
Upcoming SBO president Anthony Lords stands beneath his banner of congratulations at the banner drop outside of Highland.

For Highland junior Anthony Lords, being a leader came naturally. Growing up playing sports, Lords was always rallying people together and loved the idea of unity and being a team. Because of Lords outgoing and unifying personality, when he got to middle school, he decided to give SBO a try. Lords won and had a great experience.

After middle school Lords went to Highland, where he noticed that there weren’t a lot of freshmen running for SBO.

“When I went into highland my freshman year there weren’t many freshmen running,” said Lords. “So, I ran just to see what would happen and I won.”

Lords had a lot of fun being part of all the activities and assemblies at Highland and decided to keep doing it.

“I kept running and running and I kept winning and winning and the more and more I was in there, the more and more I loved the class,” said Lords. “When I was heading into junior year, I just decided that I wanted to become the SBO president so that’s kind of when I decided to run for it.”

Going from just being a part of SBO to actually running for president and winning was a big step for Lords. Now he will get to oversee the whole student body and have a big influence on what he wants Highland to be like next year.

Being the fun inclusive person that Lords is, he is really looking forward to making highland a more inclusive place and helping kids who need a friend.

“I think the thing that I’m looking forward to the most is being able to make more connections around the school with more people,” said Lords. “Kind of giving more people a hand to reach out when they need someone.”

As well as making Highland High a more inclusive place, Lords wants to start making activities and assemblies more fun and interactive.

“I want it to be a place where more kids are involved in activities so next year I’m going to try and make more activities more fun in a way,” said Lords. “So that more people are more interested in going to them.”

The school assemblies can offer a range of benefits that contribute to a more united student body. School assemblies can bring students, teachers, and staff together for a common cause, whether to celebrate a student’s achievement or learn something new. By making them more fun and interactive, Lords can bring the school together and boost school spirit.

Lords is a very energetic and outgoing which makes him a perfect fit for president. He is involved with many school activities such as Lacrosse, Choir, and of course SBO. He also loves to be outside and is very active.

“I love sports, especially lacrosse,” said Lords. “I just love being physically active and spending time with my family and hanging out with my friends, I think those are the main things.”

With Lords experience all three years in SBO, he understands how everything works and will help make Highland an even better place. He is very motivated and can’t wait to bring everyone together.

“I think that you could look forward to having an amazing year,” said Lords. “We are going to be trying a lot more new things that I think the student body will really like.”

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