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Pearce is the Business Man with a Plan

Billie Martinez & Red Gunn

When it came down to the honor of receiving a Sterling Scholar, it was a business offer that Highland Senior John Pearce simply couldn’t pass up… once he found out about it.  

Most times an award like Sterling Scholar is something that people have to prepare their whole lives for to win. Stories of little kids barely big enough to hold a paintbrush or barely tall enough to reach the keys on the piano from the bench. Pearce had no such problems.  

The Business Sterling Scholar was not even on Pearce’s radar until one of his friends let him know about it. And when a chance to win a Sterling Scholar presents itself, it’s hard to pass up.  

“It was kind of a last minute thing.” Pearce said, “one of my friends just mentioned it and I thought it would be super cool to go for.” 

Although, Pearce isn’t just in the process of putting another trophy in his case. He has been an entrepreneur since he was young.  

“He signed up for an entrepreneurship class his freshman year.” John’s mother Anna Pearce said. 

Even as a young kid John had his act together. Always taking the chance to put a little more money in his pocket and be his own boss.  

“We had gotten chickens and decided to try and make a business out of it.” Anna said.  

John would be in charge of communication, selling, and packaging, but his brothers would help with the care of the chickens and deliver eggs. And who knows, with the prices of eggs today that could mean big money for part-time egg dealers.  

Aside from that he would do some odd jobs around the neighborhood like window cleaning, garbage can cleaning, and various assortments of using a power washer.   

“These were all just sort of beginning entrepreneurial experiences, but you know it was all on his own. He was trying to just put his foot into the world.” Anna said. 

This school year has been a chalk full chapter of John’s life. All the things he’s been doing this year have built him a pretty stacked resume that boosted his cause in winning a Sterling Scholar. Obviously, the biggest thing being Highland’s student body President, but along with that, being a golf team captain and a track and field athlete, and being a dedicated student have kept John’s schedule filled to the brim.  

“I’ve been super busy so finding a flexible job has been something I’ve been looking for. So, I just decided to do my own thing. I worked on a lot of neighborhood jobs that are a self-employed type thing.” John said.  

Organization is key to maintaining such a hectic schedule, John has taken his life to the drawing board and done some pretty good planning… literally.  

“His particular system? He’s got a whiteboard in his room. He makes lists of things like short-term and long-term goals that he’s working on and things that he wants to accomplish, and to-do lists.” Anna said, “And he’s got a calendar in his room. That’s kind of where he organizes his life.” 

Obviously, judging by the way that Highland is still running, John does a pretty good job at prioritizing and getting things done. High school isn’t the only time John plans on being in leadership roles either, he plans to go into the business field down the road.  

“I’d love to go into business at BYU, and probably go into business management as my profession.” Pearce said.  

It wouldn’t be surprising to see him in a presidency role later in life. He’s got some of his future laid out in front of him too.  

“I’m going to BYU this fall and working over the summer, and then my mission for two years, then come back to BYU and get my undergraduate.” John said.  

Even though John is getting the business Sterling Scholar, his life isn’t all business. He has plenty of friends and enjoys being out in the world.  

“Sports, anything athletic outdoors I love it. I like music, and not really art but other than that its just about everything.” John said.  

John is a well-rounded human to say the least. That’s why he was elected SBO President at Highland, that’s why he’s a golf captain, and that’s why he won the Business Sterling Scholar award.  

Even if that part wasn’t on the whiteboard to start.

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