Parents Need To Let Their Teens Off The Leash

Caylee Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief

September 30, 2019

I have spent nine months behind the wheel of my hand-me-down, bright blue, Toyota Yaris complete with one-too-many dents and scratches. While it may not run smooth like butter, I couldn’t possibly imagine the last few months...

Guns And Fear

Sophie Bauer, Copy Editor

September 5, 2019

  On a normal day, students stream into Highland and out of it; leaving with both new knowledge and their lives. But as high schoolers in a America, increasingly plagued by school shootings and domestic gun violence terrorism,...

Halting Highland

Halting Highland

May 30, 2019



May 3, 2019

‘B’ Day Barrage – Behind the Recent Scheduling Fiasco

Sophie Bauer

February 28, 2019

There’s only one way to remedy falling behind in classes; falling behind in all the other ones, too.  This is what happened when a blink of the eye decision plopped two B days into the midst of an A/B schedule at the end o...

Living With Disability

Living With Disability

February 13, 2019