Morals and COVID-19

Ella Janeway, Staff Writer

The world is in crisis mode, leaving people in a greedy, unhumanitarian frenzy. Walking through grocery aisles is surreal. Shelves have been left barren of food and in place are signs asking to only take what you need. 

But why are people taking more than they and their family need? Panic. Panic is defined as uncontrollable fear or anxiety that causes unthinking behavior and that is exactly what is happening. There’s no thought process to buying all the toilet paper in a store or stocking up on a lifetime supply of ramen. 

This being said, our country as a whole is trying to spend less time in public to slow down the spread of the virus, so buying more groceries to prevent going to the store often is smart. However, this is not buying the store’s whole supply of frozen foods, others need supplies too. 

Panic is not the only driving force behind clearing out store’s shelves. There is an amount of devious people out there buying goods and supplies that are in high-demand and selling them at a more expensive price. These people are the lowest of the low; using a time of panic to benefit themselves financially. 

This is most common in hand sanitizer, toilet paper, face masks, and other cleaning products. These people are participating in price gouging. Even though there is no federal law prohibiting price gouging there are several bills pending in the U.S Senate.

  “Work has been crazy, there’s always something to do,” Maximus Still, Smith’s employee said. 

Grocery stores have implemented certain guidelines and regulations to help combat the spread of the virus. Examples include: regulating the amount of people allowed in the store at a time, six feet distance between customers when checking out, more sanitation across the board, and even limiting the amount of an item bought.  

Another example of public selfishness is not practicing social distancing. Staying home can be boring, but we’re doing it for the safeness of our country. Go out only for essential reasons and when out practice the six-plus feet rule. 

Covid-19 has proved to be testing on the public’s morals, but not everyone is responding selfishly. Throughout the whole country there are countless acts of kindness and people “paying it forward”. Several people have set up boxes in front of their homes hoping neighbors will donate any extra supplies they have for refugees and people in need. Grocery Stores around the nation are setting aside hours for senior shopping or those at high-risk. 

In times of adversity don’t slip into selfish habits. Take only what you need, social distance, and stay safe in this troubled time.