How Rudy Gobert Changed Our Outlook on the Coronavirus

Rudy Gobert playing in a Utah Jazz game.

Rudy Gobert playing in a Utah Jazz game.

David Burnett, Staff Writer

As Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, and as it had become more prominent in the U.S., more and more policies are being put in place, such as social distancing. As many people follow these policies, some people are not, which is why the virus continues to spread. One of the people who did not follow these policies was Rudy Gobert, who went out of his way to act against these policies, and later contracted the disease as well as spreading it to fellow teammate, Donovan Mitchell. There is much we can learn from what Gobert did and how he acted, and we should maybe even be grateful for what he did. 

One thing we can learn is how certain policies are put into place by government officials who are consulting medical professionals on the best way to stop/slow the spread, and they are put into action for a reason. And they must be followed.  

Also, Gobert believed that the Coronavirus was not that bad at all, and he made a joke out of it. However, many believed quite the opposite of Gobert, they believe that it is dangerous, and they are afraid of contracting the virus. This teaches us that even if we don’t believe or view the same things as others, we still must respect other people’s views and opinions. And this should be true with everything in life, not just with Coronavirus. 

Some people just kind of forget social distance, and do not follow the policies that are put in place, or they don’t do them to perfection. Gobert tried to touch everything and spread as many germs as possible as a joke. As people have learned that this is no longer a joke. In Las Vegas two teens were arrested for spraying people with water, but saying it was COVID-19.  

This teaches us that when there is something that is this serious, or something that causes such fear should never be taken lightly. For example, you are not allowed to yell, “fire” in a crowded building. 

A good thing to come out of how Gobert acted was that it opened the nation’s eyes, especially in Utah, that the virus was really here and prominent in mostly all states. I would say that Gobert testing positive is what started the drive to create more policies, restrictions, and shutdowns. This is beneficial, because as these things are put into place, the number of cases and deaths have slowed. 

Gobert’s actions most likely helped the general public. Because he did not follow instructions from medical professionals and he got the virus, it sold the rest of the public on the fact that they did indeed need to follow the guidelines provided if they wanted to stay safe. I believe has proven itself as the curve of cases flattens. 

Although I hope nobody gets sick, I believe that the U.S., and maybe even the world benefited from Gobert getting the virus. It taught people to listen and how really anybody could get it, and it taught us that we really do need to follow the policies if we want to stay safe and healthy.