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Finding Motivation is the Key to Unlocking the Door of Opportunity

Balancing School, Expectations, Sports and Free time
Billie Martinez

Students are constantly balancing expectations between parents, teachers, and self. Hanging out over the weekends to try and take a break from the never-ending stress of deadlines, homework load, teacher pleasing, getting good grades, and trying to be good enough. This does not count all the extracurricular activities that students participate in. And every time students step outside a sharp gust of frigid wind comes to try and push them back. It can be exceedingly difficult to find motivation to do well in school and other activities, but it is possible.

As students push forward displaying their best efforts at home, school, and on the sports field, it can be hard to find motivation to do well in school. Yet it is necessary if an athlete wants to play sports because of the required 2.0 GPA the student must have if they wish to play a sport or be a part of an extracurricular activity with the school. Tommy Gardener, who is a sophomore on the Highland boys basketball team, is continuously working hard on and off the court.

“I know the importance of getting good grades right now and I think of how disappointed I would be in the future if I knew I did not try my very hardest in school. Sometimes it is hard to get my work done with a busy basketball schedule, but I always make time for my schoolwork,” Gardner said.

Gardner uses different tactics to do well in school such as not procrastinating his work, putting school first, giving himself social breaks on the weekend, and being productive in class. Just by doing these few tricks every day, Gardner can stay on top of his work and be in control of his stress.

“The thing that motivates me the most to do well in school is by knowing that the success I have in my future starts right now and I think about how much my future self would regret all the decisions I made if I don’t do well in school and get a sustainable job,” Gardner said.

Alyssa Perry, also a sophomore, uses her extracurricular activities as her motivation. She makes time for them in the week by staying focused in class. Although the end of term can get stressful for Perry with all the deadlines, she keeps her head in the school game.

Perry works hard during the week so that when the weekend comes, she can sit back and relax. She is determined to get good grades and do well in school now, so that she will be able to get into a good college, and when she does, she will use all the skills she has learned now and implement them in her later life.

“I have always tried to be as productive in my schoolwork as possible as I know that procrastination will only lead to more stress in the future. I always do my work as soon as possible so I can relax more on weekends and have time for fun activities,” Perry said.

Good grades are important for all students, especially those who want to actively participate in school activities such as dance, sports, theater, and clubs.

Highland High has always said that the student comes before the athlete, yet right now certain athletes are struggling to keep their grades up. The problem is finding the right motivation to do well. When the student believes that they deserve an A, that is the difference between an A and a B student. The A student is willing to work harder and put in more effort because they deserve that A. Each student can do this, but it is up to them whether they choose to or not.

Finding motivation to work extra hard makes all the difference. Seeking out what will help the student succeed is necessary. Tips to find this motivation includes looking forward instead of dwelling on present stress. Looking forward inspires the student to think outside of themselves, and more of the positive change that they can bring into the world. Sacrificing time now, to have more time for activities over the weekend.

Being productive in class allows more time for each athlete to work hard at their sport and allows them more playing time on the field. A student who is more productive in class is also managing their stress more effectively. To fight the temptation to procrastinate and do the homework now.

With many expectations and deadlines to balance, challenging classes to tackle, and activities to perform well in, the students at Highland High School are doing their part. Finding motivation can often be hard, so look forward to your future being able to start on the varsity team senior year and getting into a good college to support the future family of your dreams then try to push a little harder in school.

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