Highland Track And Field Preview

Ethan Sutton, Staff Writer

Track season has just begun in late February-beginning of March. With over 100 athletes participating in the sport, the future has much in store. The athletes work hard every day of the week with their only breaks coming from the days off brought forth by vacation.

Coaches Gary Rowles, Tera Hunter, Swede Robinson, Monica French, and Richard McDonald have started working hard to get their athletes to work hard. With such a large amount of athletes, the teams for short distance, long distance, and throwing have high amounts of nonstop work each day. But through the fire and pain of working out, the athletes rise to expectation.

More and more students have joined each day during the two week tryout period to test their skills. The only reason why any student gets cut is due to not participating in practice, allowing for anyone who puts forth the effort to show up and do what they need to a place.

Daria Malovich, a thrower for the team, shows that dedication as she helps others who might not have as much experience how to throw.

“She mentors me on how to throw sometimes,” sophomore Anna Edler said. “She’s pretty cool.”

Malovich is a leader and captain, as well as a great example to those beginning throwing as well as newbies getting into the groove of being a Track & Field athlete. The future is bright for all the future athletes daring to continue and work hard hours to improve themselves physically, mentally, and competitively.