Sisters Shine At The Talent Show

Eli Adams, Feature Editor

Two girls walk onto the stage of the Highland auditorium. The crowd erupts with excitement while Viviena Wolfgram, in her bright blue floral jacket, introduces herself and her sister, Leisina Wolfgram. The crowd is on the edge of their seats in anticipation as the sisters get ready to sing. As the first few lyrics slip through the lips of the younger sister the crowd cheering gets exponentially louder. Soon, the auditorium is roaring with shouts of encouragement for the young but very talented sisters.

The two girls wait in front of the closed curtains for their minus track of “Everything is Everything” by Lauryn Hill to start playing over the speakers. Viviena starts with the first few lyrics while Leisina backs her up. Their long hair bounces around while they dance along to each and every word they sing. Through the whole performance the crowd cheers and claps while these girls show the school how talented they really are.

This outstanding performance did not come as a surprise. Over the past several years these girls, especially the younger sister Viviena, have made appearances singing in a variety of settings. From Viviena’s first appearance in elementary school to performing with a group on America’s Got Talent.  

Considering their long history as performers it did not come as a surprise to anyone that this dynamic duo would blow up at the Talents and Traditions assembly. Their stage presence is unmatched and their pure vocal skill can compare to professional singers you would hear on the radio.

“I don’t really like that kind of music but after hearing them I wanted to go listen to Lauryn Hill,” Junior Ethan Blume said.   

Beyond the fact that they are very talented singers, the Wolfgrams have the ability to draw the focus of even the most ill-behaved high school students. On the stage they seem calm and collected while at the same time having indescribable energy and flair. Despite nerves affecting Leisina before each of her performances she is still able to go out and perform without anyone knowing that she was nervous just moments before.

“Before I go on stage i get really nervous but once I am on the stage I feel ok,” Leisina said.

Even with years of experiences these girls have a bright future of singing and performing ahead of them. It may not be at highland but this talent show is definitely the last time we will see these two on a stage.