Highland Parking Lot In A State Of Perril

Owen Knight, Online Sports Editor

With the start of a new school year, Highland has been buzzing with new faces and new obstacles. This summer, the Highland parking lot got a new paint job which features new arrows, markings and parking spot numbers.
In the past, there have never been numbers where the spots are and parking has been a first-come-first-served basis as long as students own a parking pass. This year, the school chose to incorporate parking passes that would correlate with specific parking spots. Many people have mixed opinions about this new change because of certain scenarios that may arise.
One of the biggest problems that has come up is the great number of students who drive to school that weren’t able to purchase parking spots. The problem with most students was that they planned to buy a parking pass on one of the first few days of school. What most people didn’t know was that parking passes were available at registration and they quickly sold out.
Many students were disappointed to be told they wouldn’t be able to purchase a parking pass, and now students who don’t have a parking pass are forced to park on neighborhood streets, 1700 East or even in Sugarhouse Park. Some students aren’t open to parking anywhere but the parking lot in fear of getting their car broken into without any cameras monitoring their car. Highland sophomore Jed Smith was told he couldn’t purchase a parking pass because he is a sophomore. He was eager to be able to drive to school and of course park at the school.
“It just bums me out because my birthday is early so I won’t have a spot the whole year,’’ Smith said. “I’m probably going to park on the street but I don’t know if that’s the best and safest option.”
But Smith is one of many who didn’t get a parking pass and have had to consider other options. Senior Emile Nedelec is one of many seniors who didn’t know about the new parking changes and was told he couldn’t buy a pass. Seniors are usually prioritized when it comes to school parking and that is what has made it hard for him.
“It sucks because I can’t go to lunch or else I’ll be late,” Nedelec said. “I have to leave five minutes