Teacher Feature- Mrs. Peterson

Ella Janeway, Staff Writer

An overwhelming job without a doubt, teaching keeps new ESL teacher Sydney Peterson on the clock. Going from a student teacher at Oak Canyon Jr. High to having her own classroom, she underwent a drastic change, that was ultimately rewarding.

Peterson is one of two ESL teachers at Highland, making her teach four separate classes. The combination of it being her first year and teaching multiple classes adds a lot of stress to Peterson’s day-to-day. 

“I don’t have any content compiled over years of teaching, so I’m compiling as I go.”  Sydney Peterson, Highland teacher, said.

Peterson in her first year has jumped into the hectic lifestyle of teaching and is preparing for future years to come. Within the first few weeks she discovered that having a routine for each class is essential and makes her job easier. 

Starting college at Utah Valley University Peterson eventually transferred to Brigham Young University graduating there with her teaching degree. With the little free-time Peterson finds herself having she loves to run with her dog, decorate her new house, and loves a good road trip.

College was a big deal for Peterson, as she was the first generation in her family to attend college. This helps Peterson connect with her diverse students looking for guidance on how to get into and succeed in higher education. Since, she herself knows how challenging and intimidating applying can be.

Every experience in life comes with highs and lows, teaching is no exception. New to teaching, Peterson has had to tackle the obstacle of understanding and reacting to the other things that happen in her students’ lives outside of school. However, she also finds that her students’ diverse and unique personality is the best and most rewarding aspect of teaching. 

Peterson’s role model is her mom and she hopes she can dictate and navigate her life as well as her mother did her own. 

“Everyone says their mom, but I really do look up to my mom. Her word is gospel,” Peterson said. 

With her dad never being home because he was a truck driver, the way Peterson’s mom tackled raising four kids while coordinating Peterson’s dad’s schedule is just one of the reasons she’s Peterson’s role model. 

Peterson hopes to incorporate her mother’s dedication, life experiences, and her love for teaching into her career. She’s looking to be a helping-hand by providing real-life and studious guidance to her students. With the rest of her career ahead of her and her husband and dog to keep her company Peterson is excited and ready to teach this year and years to follow at Highland High school.