New Assistant Principal Looks To Strengthen Highland


Max Torres

Parkinson oversees students during lunch.

Max Torres, Online Sports Editor

Highland has a new Assistant Principal to help Principal Jenson and to guide our school along this year. Kim Parkinson was recently given the opportunity to be the Assistant Principal here at Highland High School, a job that she had been searching for at the time. When she got the call, she eagerly accepted the position. 

Parkinson had been working as a teacher at Murray High School and had worked to attain a higher role in the education system. Along with this new place on the Highland Staff, Parkinson got the job of the Athletics Director at our school. With this comes lots of responsibilities and time, as it is a demanding role. But being the hard worker that she is, Parkinson took on the challenge. Everyone at Highland, both students and staff should be extremely grateful for our new Assistant Principal and the work she will put in at our school. 

Parkinson’s previous position was being a teacher at Murray High, a place that she really enjoyed working at. 

Parkinson said, “Oh I loved Murray, I definitely loved it there.”

Here at Murray, Parkinson learned a lot of great lessons and skills that would help her throughout her teaching career. But once she was promoted to Assistant Principal, Parkinson realized that she could take her talents anywhere. After some time researching and applying for a position on staffs around Salt Lake, she happily agreed with taking on the job here at Highland. It looked like the perfect opportunity to begin her time as an Assistant Principal.

Although her time at Highland has been brief, Parkinson has truly come to love the students and teachers that reside at our school. She has really felt welcome and at home at Highland and is proud to be a Ram.

“So far Highland has been super great,” Parkinson said, “Very welcoming and kind people, I’m very excited about what will happen here.”

Along with her new position as Assistant Principal, Parkinson also adopted the job of Athletics Director. This new position has been a handful, as it requires a large amount of time and work to be put into it. When adding this on to her duties as an Assistant Principal, one would think their workload was impossible! But not for Parkinson, she has really handled it like a professional. 

There are many responsibilities that go along with being an Athletics Director. Parkinson has had to learn to handle all of these new jobs well, as it is essential to the survival of all the sporting programs. The number of things that Parkinson must accomplish for each sporting event goes on and on.

“I’m in charge of communicating with coaches, arranging refs, arranging buses, scheduling fields and gyms to make sure they have a place to play and exercise, watching over their budgets and making sure they stay within those budgets. I still am learning more about it each day!”, Parkinson explained.

As can be seen, being in charge of all the athletics involved activities and events is no easy task. But she has been the perfect candidate for the job, as Parkinson has already proved that in the little time she has been here. 

Parkinson has been a wonderful new asset for Highland as a whole, from her leadership qualities as an Assistant Principal and her amazing work and time spent as the Athletics Director. It can be assumed that Muray High School is definitely missing their former teacher. But everyone here at Highland High School is proud to have her as a new friend and helper.