Jonathon Lambert

Max Torres, Online Sports Editor

For most of Jonathon Lambert’s high school career, creating videos and other productions have been one of the main joys he has experienced. Throughout high school especially, Lambert has been a part of numerous productions such as Highland’s Video News organization, HTVS, Highland’s school plays, and many more exciting events. Lambert has a love for this, but he also had great support from his family and friends who enjoy the process just as much as him. All of the hard work and time that Lambert has poured into these productions has earned him the honor of being the Skilled and Technical Sterling Scholar.

Lambert’s love for his art began when he took a TV broadcasting class here at Highland. This decision was not made because he knew what was in store, as it was actually a random class he picked to be a part of. Lambert thought that this class would be a fun and new alternative to the rest of his schedule, but he never thought that it would change the course of what he wanted to do with his life after school.

While Lambert did not intentionally become hooked on producing videos, he still partly had some background on the subject. Lambert and his family are very talented musical performers, whether it is singing, playing instruments, or acting out musical characters. His parents and older siblings all participated in events like school plays, and because of this Lambert knew that he wanted to follow in their footsteps. The path that Lambert followed eventually led him to experimenting with capturing the acting and things that people did in order for others to view the beauty of their work.

Jenny Hardy’s TV Broadcasting class was the first step on Lambert’s path to wanting to create a living in this field of work. Hardy was Lambert’s true mentor while learning about shooting videos and making them look so enticing. As his skill in this field grew, so did his love for doing it. Hardy’s great teaching abilities were really what got Lambert caught on making videos, and have kept him on this path.

“Jenny showed me how satisfying it is to make cool videos, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I have grown insurmountably in this category thanks to her,” Lambert gladly said.

Without Hardy’s influence on Lambert, he may have not kept on pursuing his dream to become a better videographer, and would not have received this award.

But, even with Hardy’s help, Lambert still had to put in the time and work to progress in this area of expertise. Through lots of long hours going over material and editing, Lambert has honed his craft.

“A lot of focus and discipline. That’s the shortest answer. My specific field within the category requires a lot of precision and care, which has always been one of my strengths,” Lambert said. “It also required a lot of time and preparation. It takes a lot of time to get good at something, and this is something I’ve been working at for multiple years now.”

Lambert has learned so much throughout his four years of high school here at Highland, but the lessons that he learned in his video production class have really been the most helpful in choosing what to do after he graduates.

After high school Lambert has decided that he will serve an LDS mission for two years before pursuing any further education.

After he gets home from his mission, Lambert wants to go to BYU and major in accounting. This will be important because Lambert wants to learn some basic knowledge and get a foundation on business in order to one day become an entrepreneur and start his own business.

When asked what his career ideas are at this time, Lambert responded with this.

“It’s not yet clear to me where my entrepreneurial goals will take me. Technology and software are some of the most booming industries right now, so I can see that as a likely path for me to follow,” Lambert said, “I’m really interested in film and podcasts as well, so I can see a possible future there too. The only thing that’s super clear to me is that I want to own or at least be a part of a business.”

While he may not have yet decided on his ultimate future, Lambert is guaranteed to become great in whatever he decides to tackle.