Jeppson Aces ACT

Alex Sutton, Online Editor

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Most Juniors shiver at the thought of the ACT test and its SAT counterpart that are normally taken around this time of year. This isn’t the case for Cameron Jeppson, a Junior who happened to get a 36 – a perfect score on the ACT.

In 2012, 0.2% of the over one million people to take the ACT got a perfect score, setting Jeppson a bar above the rest.

“I think it started in elementary school, I had a lot of good teachers who taught me test taking skills that still help me today.” Jepson said.

Jeppson didn’t even take a prep class, making his accomplishment all the more impressive. He attributes his score to the IB teachers at Highland who taught him the critical thinking skills that he used on the test. Jeppson’s achievements spread out from academics into music as well, he is quite the accomplished violinist, playing all over the world and is currently in a couple of small string groups that compete and play at weddings.

“Music is my real passion, and I try to make time for it whenever I can, but the academics are definitely still a major priority.” Jepson said.
With a perfect score and his GPA, Jeppson has his choice of any school both stateside and abroad. His love for violin might take him to a music oriented school, but if he goes the traditional route, he would like to stay in a math intensive field. Jeppson will definitely be someone to keep an eye on in the future, as his talent and knowledge is bound to take him far.

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Jeppson Aces ACT