Frozen Castles



Kate Roney, Staff Writer

In January a company by the name of Ice castles works its magic in Midway, Utah, for what is usually around a week, depending on the weather and temperature. People have the opportunity to purchase time-slot tickets to go view the outdoor creation of this company. As is to be assumed their creation is in fact an ice castle.  

It is roughly double the size of a regular high school gym. The entire structure is made of ice, with carved out benches, lights and fountains. This is a great event for families and young kids. With the epidemic that was Disney’s movie Frozen hitting the big screen a few years ago, young fans of the movie will without a doubt see similar qualities to that of the iconic castle that Elsa builds in the song no young kid could stop singing even up until today. Some of the littler girls at the event can even be seen entering dressed like Elsa clad with the additional, and essential winter gear of hats, gloves, boots and coats. As the castle is formed by ice, the event is extremely cold, so it is necessary to dress taking the weather and season into account.  

This is a great event for young kids, but can also be fun for adults, especially for those who have an interest in taking pictures. Part of the magic of the castle is due the multicolored lights that are frozen into the tall walls of the crystalline structure, making the entire scene glow with bright colors as the sun begins its decent around 6:00. The melody of the scene is enhanced by the speakers throughout the castle playing classical music from movies that are instantly stuck in your head.  

I highly recommend this event to anyone looking for a fun family activity to partake in during this winter.